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Jill Bezyak profile

Dr. Jill Bezyak

Principal Investigator
Dr. Jill Bezyak is the Principal Investigator for the Rocky Mountain ADA Center and is responsible for coordinating all research projects and partners, along with disseminating research results to a…
Emily Shuman Profile

Emily Shuman

Director, Rocky Mountain ADA Center
Emily Shuman leads all of the Rocky Mountain ADA Center’s workforce and daily operations. She mentors RMADAC’s staff to ensure her team has the tools needed to deliver on the center’s mission to…
Maggie Sims headshot

Maggie Sims

Project Manager
Maggie Sims is the Project Manager for the Rocky Mountain ADA Center and is the longest-tenured employee of the center. She specializes in providing information, technical guidance and training on the…
Chris Murphy headshot

Chris Murphy

Information Specialist
Chris Murphy is an Information Specialist who focuses on architectural elements of the ADA, and title II/III of the law. He focuses on covered entity’s obligations for providing accessibility…
Jaime Harter headshot

Jaime Harter

ADA Information Specialist
Jaime Harter is an ADA informational specialist for the Rocky Mountain ADA Center. Her primary duty is to respond to technical assistance calls and emails from the general public to help people…
Jessica Luzanilla headshot

Jessica Luzanilla

Instructional Designer
Jessica Luzanilla is the Instructional Designer for the Rocky Mountain ADA Center. In this role, Jessica is responsible for developing curricula for adult learners to be delivered in both facilitated…