Results of past research projects and information on ongoing research.

The Rocky Mountain ADA Center conducts ongoing research focused on ADA implementation in our region. The research program is designed to enhance our services and make disability research practical and applicable to all. 


Ongoing Research: Implicit Bias

One of our research projects centers around implicit bias and identifying barriers to ADA implementation based on lack of acceptance of disability by the general public. Through this research we are examining attitudinal barriers to ADA implementation, as we know that negative biases toward individuals with disabilities are the largest impediment to full inclusion of these individuals.

To date, our research has shown that employers report only moderate knowledge of the ADA and have negative attitudes toward Title I. Additional investigation indicates small business employers are less likely to recruit individuals with disabilities, provide reasonable accommodations, and are less familiar with the ADA than larger employers.

The goal of our research is to understand implicit bias toward individuals with disabilities and introduce strategies to minimize the impact of implicit bias within the employer population. We have analyzed data collected through the Implicit Association Test (IAT) and Project Implicit to increase insight regarding attitudes towards individuals with disabilities. This training addresses implicit bias on a personal and organizational level and outlines methods to increase awareness of bias in the workplace. Participants will complete the IAT and discuss ways to mitigate implicit bias, leaving with a tangible plan for their organization . Participants commit to reassement 3-6 months after the training.  


Research Reports

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