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One Step at a Time

The ADA has opened up so many opportunities for citizens with disabilities! Our communities have become more welcoming to those with mobility limitations, customers with service animals, and those who need effective communication.

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When Title l would have made a big difference for me.

Title I of the ADA covers employment. My assumption is that having an equal opportunity to have a job is integral to being able to participate in society.

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The Effect of War and Politics Upon Persons with Disabilities

Even though many persons with disabilities may not have the opportunity to participate directly in the most featured, romanticized, glorified and wasteful events in history—war—they could continue to be “lost in the shuffle” caused by war

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Sharing My Experience with Disability

As we begin a new year, it’s a natural time to reflect on the past. This year has been particularly interesting for me since I made the decision to retire from Paralympic Cycling and join the ADA Center in a full-time capacity.

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Singing the Blues

The holidays can be so wonderful! Lots of food and cheer going on around us, lovely decorations, and high expectations for seasonal entertainment.



Students with disabilities in clinical and internship placements and the ADA

Students participating in internships and other experiential placements are not entitled to Title I ADA protection unless they are considered employees.

Spanish Language Outreach Project

This report goes over stage one of the Spanish Language Outreach (SLO), a five-year collaborative national initiative of the ADA National Network.

Increasing Rates of EEOC Retaliation Complaints Impacts Disability Rights

Explore what is causing the increasing rates of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission retaliation complaints and how it impacts individuals with disabilities

Representation of Disability in Employer’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Initiatives

This report summarizes how disability is represented in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives within organizations throughout the United States.

ChatGPT and Disability: Benefits, Concerns, and Future Potential

Despite the concerns and significant media attention highlighting these concerns, the potential benefits of tools like ChatGPT for individuals with disabilities cannot be overlooked.

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In the Press

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