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The ADA Center staffs a toll-free phone line weekdays from 9 am - 4 pm MT. The Center's information specialists can answer most questions you have about the ADA immediately and will research more complex questions if necessary. Questions can also be submitted at www.RockyMountainADA.org.


The ADA Center offers basic to advanced level seminars and workshops on the ADA and other related disability laws. All session can be tailored to the time constraints and needs of your group. In addition, the ADA Center offers several online courses that can be completed as your schedule allows.


The ADA Center stocks a selection of current information on the ADA. Many materials are free, while others are available for a nominal fee.

Please visit our store for more information about available materials. Contact us directly if you have requests or suggestions for future informational materials.

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Referral to Experts

If your question involves additional information or services, the ADA Center maintains a list of experts in many disability-related fields located both regionally and nationally.


The ADA Center conducts ongoing research focused on ADA implementation in our region. The research program is designed to enhance our services and make disability research practical and applicable to all.

In addition to our core services, we offer customized consultative services, such as:

  • ADA policy and procedure reviews.
  • Transportation system accessibility consulting.
  • Facility accessibility audits.
  • Self-evaluations and transition plans.
  • Architectural plan reviews.
  • Park and recreation accessibility assessments.
  • Recommendations to overcome ADA infractions.