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Submitted by Maggie Sims on Mon, 11/16/2020
10 Things to be Thankful for in 2020


I’ll be happy when this year’s election is over, if for no other reason than to no longer be bombarded with political calls, political mail, and political advertisements from every social media that is available on the planet! I’m sure that every election is filled with information and opinions, but it seems excessively so this year. Maybe it’s because we have been inside more this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have been more exposed to this information. 

That’s not to say I don’t believe that voting is important – it absolutely is! Especially for individuals with disabilities and their families. Each vote makes a difference in every area of our lives. From taxes, to accessible health care, to who holds public office. By the time you read this, the election will be over. New laws will be on or off the books. Taxes will be increased or decreased and new or incumbent candidates will be in or out. I may not always get what I vote for, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a say in the workings of our country. 

Speaking of being grateful, November is dedicated to being thankful for what we have. Admittedly, this year has been a tough one, and it may be difficult to come up with as many ‘thanks’ this year. But I know we can still find some good in 2020. In keeping with the election year theme, I ‘vote’ that we find at least 10 things to give appreciation for in 2020. No matter what our difficulties may have been this year. I’ll start - what can you add to this list? 

  1. The ADA celebrated its 30th anniversary this year!
  2. Because of the COVID pandemic, technology has proven its importance not only to people with disabilities, but to everyone. For example, the use of Telehealth has provided a safe and accessible means to healthcare.
  3. We’re one year closer to an accessible world.
  4. The Department of Justice and the EEOC were able to resume the issuance of Right-to-Sue Notices for Title VII, ADA, and GINA.
  5. A growing set of online tools are making it easier than ever to incorporate captions or audio descriptions into videos.
  6. Remote employment has demonstrated that Telework can be a successful and doable accommodation.
  7. The EEOC issued a Final Rule Revising Procedural Regulations Under Title VII, ADA, and GINA.
  8. As of August, the Department of Justice writes that approximately 78% of the cases in which mediation has been completed were successfully resolved.
  9. The U.S. Access Board has resolved 55 Architectural Barriers Act cases through corrective action in FY 2020. 
  10. 2020 is ALMOST over!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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