Is Your Event Accessible?

Submitted by Ed Neuberg on Mon, 04/05/2021
Setting up temporary events, street fairs, and public gatherings are great for the community and local businesses. Don’t forget that even events of this type have responsibilities under the ADA.

I recently had the opportunity to develop a training on temporary events. Reflecting, I realized that this was a good example of how far-reaching the ADA is. Even events that set up quickly, only last a day or two, over the weekend or seasonal, have responsibilities under the ADA. With the periodic nature of these types of events people may not realize, or underestimate, the need for accessibility. Site selection, paths of travel, parking, restrooms, vendor booths, goods & services etc., all need to be looked at through the lens of the ADA.

There can be some unique challenges with temporary event accessibility. These challenges can be met with unique and creative solutions. The best thing to do is not ignore the ADA. Engage! Look for and use the resources available, talk to experts and even community members to produce effective accessible solutions.

It’s also important to realize that accessible design benefits everyone – with or without a disability. If your event is accessible, chances are people will have a better overall experience, an easier time getting around, and will stay longer. The parent with a stroller using a curb ramp may not equate accessibility, but they will appreciate the easy access from street to the sidewalk.    

Please do not hesitate to contact the Rocky Mountain ADA Center with any of your ADA needs. Whether it be access to a temporary event, building accessibility, program accessibility, and/or resources, we are here to help.     


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