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Assistive Technology Series: Technology for Hearing Disabilities

In this installment of our Assistive Technology Series, we touch on the topic of assistive technology for individuals with hearing disabilities.

Protection from Bullying at School - A Civil Right

The beginning of the new school year brings out a plethora of emotions and expectations.

WCAG Aligning with the ADA

There likely has been a trend of lawsuits for inaccessible websites and the pandemic, due to the rise of remote work and online shopping, amongst other use of the Internet.

This Changes Everything

I would consider myself a student of the arts. I used to play the trombone professionally, I still dabble on piano, and I enjoy drawing in my free time.

Effective Communication while Traveling Seems like a Pipe Dream.

When summertime comes, it means everyone will have plans to travel for vacation! Traveling while deaf has its pros and cons. Especially during the pandemic with the masks being worn for good reason.



Barriers the COVID-19 Pandemic Created for People with Disabilities

This report summarizes current barriers the COVID-19 pandemic created for people with disabilities in addition to what they are already experiencing. Download the full report.

How does using artificial intelligence (AI) in the hiring process impact people with disabilities?

Discrimination may be unintended on the part of AI software, yet their unintentional biases may be coded into the AI system’s decision-making processes. Download the full reports.

Implementing Accessible Airport Lactation Areas – Friendly Airports for Mothers (FAM) Act

It's imperative, and federal law, for airports to offer lactation spaces for travelers. The availability and demand has increased over the years, but there is still room for improvement. Download the full guide.

Is Working from the Office an Essential Job Function?

Is on-site work attendance essential? The answer is likely ‘yes’ when the job requires a physical exchange of goods or services. It is likely ‘maybe’ if the job requires a high level of interaction or teamwork. The legal answer is usually is, “it depends.”

What Rights do Prisoners have Under the American with Disabilities Act?

This document addresses what rights prisoners have under the ADA. Full report download available.

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