Ep. 38 - Nick Isenberg

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Nick Isenberg has had an impressive 54-year career as a radio, television, and print reporter in cities across America. He served as bureau chief for television stations in Cedar Rapids and Fort Myers, but the bulk of his reporting career has been spent in Colorado, lending his producing and reporting skills to dozens of news outlets in the state. Nick has also worked as a public information officer for the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and public relations for Colorado Mountain College, and he currently produces independent documentaries.

In case his resume wasn't already impressive enough, Nick currently hosts and produces a podcast called The Tactile Traveler that seeks to empower blind and low-vision people to explore the world, and helps sighted friends see the world in a new way. Nick is totally blind and considered Deaf-Blind. He has called being a Deaf-Blind reporter a whole new sport.

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