Ep. 47 - Lionel Wolberger

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Dr. Lionel Wolberger, is the Chief Compliance and Operating Officer of UserWay, the market leader in web accessibility technology.

With a prominent role in The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), he passionately advocates for the disability community. He contributes to W3C's Accessible Platforms Architectures Working Group, developing current and future digital accessibility standards.

Additionally, he is a Privacy by Design ambassador, Cisco Security Ninja, and a seasoned presenter both on stage and TV. Wolberger's expertise extends to global standards such as Verifiable Credentials and DID, with patents to his name.

Holding a PhD in ethnomusicology, he combines his diverse background to present on accessibility, Agile development, AI/ML systems, and blockchain. As a partner at TLV Startup Hub, Lionel advises and connects founders with investors and corporate partnerships.

His management and deployment of multi-million dollar systems for Fortune 100 companies have benefitted tens of millions worldwide. Dr. Wolberger earned his BS from Cornell University and his PhD from Wesleyan University.