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If you need in-depth information or training, we offer training programs and resources to help you and your team understand disability rights, giving leaders peace of mind and creating a better workplace for everyone.

Meet Chris Murphy

Hello! My name is Chris and I am an information specialist here at the RMADAC. The aspect of the law I emphasize is physical accessibility in combination with State and Local Government and Public Accommodation responsibilities.

Home & Community: Let’s make them beautiful AND accessible!

“Some people look for an accessible place. Others make a place accessible.”

A Thought Experiment: Registering Service Animals

Let's explore what registering service animals might look like.

ADA Who?

Learn where to start learning about the ADA.

What is the Rocky Mountain ADA Center?

Learn more about the Rocky Mountain ADA Center and our work.

Two Big Challenges in Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. faces operational challenges but rises to meet them.