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Stress Awareness Month 2022

Here’s the conundrum about stress. It can help motivate people or it can be sickening, literally. It is important to be aware of how your mind and your body react to signs of being stressed.

Accessible Triathlon/Running Events, Part 1

In late 2021, I was asked to sit in on a webinar discussion panel to talk about the ADA requirements for Temporary events. The webinar was hosted by USA Triathlon and aimed at organizers of triathlon and running events.

Simple Etiquette for Service Animals

Service animals have very important jobs. They are specifically trained to help people with disabilities in a variety of ways, ranging from mobility to psychological issues to chronic health conditions.

Planning for Success

When I started working at the Rocky Mountain ADA Center, I was advised by several people already working with the Center that I will never be able to see the world again the same way.

Can You Repeat That?

March 3rd is World Hearing Day, in observance of the importance of hearing health. In the U.S., hearing loss is the third most common chronic health condition.

International Wheelchair Day!

The use of mobility devices, such as wheelchairs, scooters, canes, crutches, and walkers, has grown in recent years.

Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technologies (AT) are tools that enhance learning, working and daily lif

One Year In, Change of Perception Kicks In

Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but I grew up not needing accommodations or wanting to ask for help. I guess you can say that I “unintentionally” oppressed my own disability without even acknowledging my actions.

Lesson Learned from the Windstorm

I am writing this blog from a hotel room. I am not traveling for another bike race, nor am I traveling for work.

The Full Cost of Hearing Loss

What comes to mind when you think of hearing loss? Do you picture a young child, perhaps who was born deaf, with a cochlear implant? Do you see a middle aged woman with mild to moderate hearing loss who uses hearing aids?