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Assistive Technologies

Assistive Technologies

Assistive technologies (AT) are tools that enhance learning, working and daily lif

One Year In, Change of Perception Kicks In

Forgive me for sounding ignorant, but I grew up not needing accommodations or wanting to ask for help. I guess you can say that I “unintentionally” oppressed my own disability without even acknowledging my actions.

Lesson Learned from the Windstorm

I am writing this blog from a hotel room. I am not traveling for another bike race, nor am I traveling for work.

The Full Cost of Hearing Loss

What comes to mind when you think of hearing loss? Do you picture a young child, perhaps who was born deaf, with a cochlear implant? Do you see a middle aged woman with mild to moderate hearing loss who uses hearing aids?

February is American Heart Month!

A foremost risk factor for heart disease and stroke is the silent presence of hypertension (high blood p

What is "Normal"?

Disability is being included within the context of pop culture much more these days. Here's a look at the history of exclusion, and how inclusion can alter what is considered “normal.”

Rocky Mountain ADA Center Technical Assistance Statistics for 2016-2020

We have had great success helping our region and beyond with implementing the ADA. Below is a visual infographic of Technical Assistance (TA) data and usage for October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2021.

What is Your AQ?

Change is not easy, but it’s necessary.

Creating a More Accessible New Year

These small commitments to ensuring a more accessible and inclusive experience for all make all the difference in the disability community.

World Braille Day

January 4th is World Braille Day! This commemorates the birth of Braille’s inventor, Louis Braille.