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An Overview of Accessibility Overlays

While these widgets appear to be a “quick fix” to instantly repair accessibility issues, they often do not work

There is No Magic During the Holidays Without Inclusivity

As the holidays approach, do be mindful of those who want to be included.

Test your ADA Knowledge

What do you know – or think you know – about the ADA?

Brachial Plexus Injury Awareness

Things you should know about Brachial Plexus Injury.

Zombies at Your Door

Ideas to Ensure a Fun and Safe Halloween for All

Disability Employment Awareness

Every October, the contributions of people with disabilities in America’s workplaces and economy are celebrated.

What is Inspiration?

Being called “inspirational” isn’t always taken as a compliment. It can have the opposite effect on an individual.

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

National Disability Employment Awareness Month – October 2021. America’s Recovery: Powered by Inclusion.

Things You May Not Know

The ADA and other disability rights topics span far and wide. Here are some things you may not know - but should!

Discovering My ADA Niche

With a shared skillset, we complete the puzzle as a team of Information Specialists.