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Effective Communication while Traveling Seems like a Pipe Dream.

When summertime comes, it means everyone will have plans to travel for vacation! Traveling while deaf has its pros and cons. Especially during the pandemic with the masks being worn for good reason.

84 Days Isn't Always the Magic Number

So many times, an employer finds they have reached a crossroad, that point when an employee has reached the end of Family Medical Leave (FMLA) entitlement of 12 weeks.

Layers of Laws

Statements in this post should only be considered informal information and not a source of legal advice.

Assistive Technology Series: Technology for Visual Disabilities

About Visual Disabilities

Visual disabilities can range from mild to moderate vision loss in either one or both eyes t

A Map to Inclusion

My husband and I had the opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Paris many years ago. We chose to stay in a cozy little Auberge (inn) located in the suburbs many kilometers outside of Paris.

Why is ADA Training Important?

“Sighted or blind, Deaf or hearing, each of us holds just the tiniest fraction of the world's wisdom.

The Price to Pay for Hearing

Since I have three out of five senses that are functioning, it requires a funnel of money out of my own pocket to ensure use of my two senses that aren’t up to par.

True, False or It Depends?

  1. The ADA requires that public buildings, such as retail stores, install automatic doors. 

FALSE – Although automatic doors ca

Finding Our Place in the World

South Dakota is home to the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Tribes as part of the Očeti Sakówi (7 Council Fires Nation).  Between 8-10% (77,000) of South Dakota’s population identify as Native American according to the US Census Burea

Work Based Learning Experiences: Creating Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities

As the school year comes to a close many high school students look for and obtain summer work.  Most of us had an opportunity to work during the summer.  These opportunities had a number of benefits above and beyond the paycheck.