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If you need in-depth information or training, we offer training programs and resources to help you and your team understand disability rights, giving leaders peace of mind and creating a better workplace for everyone.

People with Disabilities and COVID-19

What you need to know about COVID-19, how it affects people with disabilities and what the ADA says about it.

The U.S. Census and American Sign Language

The first part of a two part series on the U.S. Census and people with disabilities.

Telehealth and People with Disabilities

Telehealth saves time and manages your health in a streamlined care experience.

Making Emergency Alerts Accessible for People with Hearing Disabilities

With the recent spate of emergency alerts about the COVID-19 viral outbreak on television, it's important to make sure emergency broadcasts are accessible.

What Can Your ILC Do For You?

A common referral we make is to local Centers for Independent Living, but what exactly can they do for someone with a disability? Turns out, quite a lot!

Pedestrian Access and Line of Sight

As a designer for a Title II entity under the Americans with Disabilities Act, I look at things a little differently now. 

How to Break a World Record Without Really Trying

How having a disability taught gave me the tools to break a world record with an injury.

When the Shameful Walls of Exclusion Finally Came Tumbling Down: A Historical Background of the ADA

A look at the history behind the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Maintenance of Accessible Features – Snow-Covered Public Sidewalks and Pedestrian Ramps

What does the ADA say about snow removal?

Mythbusters: Digital Accessibility

Debunking the myths about digital accessibility.