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Is Your Event Accessible?

Setting up temporary events, street fairs, and public gatherings are great for the community and local businesses. Don’t forget that even events of this type have responsibilities under the ADA.

Silver Lining in the COVID-19 Cloud

The light at the end of the tunnel IS there, you just have to believe it.

Laundry Day - Don't Let a Few Wrinkles Spoil Your Day

How can you plan ahead to avoid ADA complaints?

ADA Coordinator - A Lone Wolf

Feeling like a lone wolf as an ADA Coordinator? How to find your pack and become a pack leader.

Knowing vs. Understanding

How the recent extreme cold snap that blocked access to basic services for millions of people relates to the historic lack of access for people with disabilities.

Debunking Myths About Accommodating Employees with Disabilities

Accommodating employees with disabilities is not as expensive or challenging as you think.

Another Reason to Celebrate

The ADA National Network is celebrating its 30th anniversary!

The Trap of Expectation

Reframing our expectations can prevent us from experiencing frustrations and elicit positive change.

5 Tips for Managing Sensory Needs in Healthcare Settings

Healthcare settings such as hospitals and doctor’s offices can be overwhelming environments for individuals with sensory challenges. Here are five tips to help make your next trip easier!

The Telephone: A Barrier to Telecommunications Access?

A history of telecommunications and their impact on the disability community.